We're going to France!
Monday, 14 July 2008
After 2 failures to obtain visas, once to France, and once to America, we finally got our visas to France. We’ll be heading there in August, and we’re climbing Alpe d”Huez.
Ethnic cleansing in Eldoret
Thursday, 03 January 2008
I'm sure you've been reading about Kenya. It's very, very grim news.
The centre of all the violence is right where the project is based,
Eldoret. One tribe, the Kalenjin, are on a rampage and
Vertical marathons
Sunday, 11 November, 2007
That’s Zakayo and Ariko (more on him in a later blog entry) chilling at the top of the Swissotel. Well, it’s the closest we can get to climbing a mountain on a bike. So, we’re making a slight detour
An extraordinary feat
Friday , 7 September, 2007
Zakayo Nderi is quite simply just about the best climbing specialist in the world.
Today he ascended the 17 km, 1716m climb up Genting in 59min 52sec. We have the unedited video of the whole
Up Genting
Sunday, 10 June, 2007
Zakayo Nderi just rode up the route that has been taken by the pros for the last 3 years in the Tour De Langkawi.
He rode up with Ng Yong Li, who’s Malaysia’s top pro. Yong Li finished 30th on the
Ok guys. That’s me between Zakayo Nderi and Isaac Njoroge. Zakayo is the guy on my left. We think he’s the Black Marco Pantani. The problem is how to prove it.